Grass Is Always Greener ~ Or Is It?

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Gone Fishing
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Often find myself thinking how pretty the rivers and streams I see on fishing shows and documentaries look. Indeed I regularly make disparaging remarks about our local river in relation to the sheer spectacle of all these pristine waterways. The ‘poor’ old Fitzroy River, we drive our cars across his bridges daily, traverse his muddy banks endlessly, all without giving him a second thought. Dismissed as ugly and inconsequential, he meanders on around us.

Until, on a fishing trip with C. K., I decided to take a closer look, from another angle so to speak. ‘Poor’ old Fitzroy, you sly dog…

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  1. Ronnie says:

    From twitter thanks for follow just started in this blogging lark and am enjoying it I have a question re FItzroy do you have a problem with invasives seem to remember something about carp.if so I would love to know as the whole scenario around invasives is my pet hate.

    • sevenfishes says:

      G’day Ronnie,
      Firstly let me just say thanks for the comment. Secondly I’d like to welcome this excellent topic you have brought to the table. I had a quick look at your blog today, but didn’t get a look at your invasives post. May I just ask what exactly you class as an invasive as the term over here is some what open for debate. For me at least, and in fishing terms a plant or animal whether indigenous or introduced that effects the native populations is an invasive species.

      As for carp in particular, yes it is a highly invasive introduced species. They have caused wide spread damage to massive areas of Australian waterways. Luckily The Fitzroy River is further north than the fishes preferred climate. What species are invasive in your part of the world?
      Looking forward to continuing this topic in the future.
      ~ FishOn

      • ronnie says:

        This area is a minefield over here from carp,tench,chub to mitten crab,crayfish, wild boar, we even have reports on racoon. I have downloads if you want to use them. The more this is highlighted the better.This problem is worldwide and has to be addressed by our respective goverments.I have reports to hand that read like a horror story and although they are addressing Ireland you will find that they are species aquatic and terrestial that do untold damage to your enviroment.
        I will be addressing this around outdoor bloggers as I am more than passionate about this whole mess.

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