Welcome to Seven Fishes! I’m Bryan, a 30-something mad keen angler haunting Queensland’s Capricorn Coast region. I have a remarkably understanding wife, two terrific kids, a crazy cat and a yellow dog. I’ve worked in the tourism, transport, automotive and primary industries all around the country, throughout my life.I was diagnosed with Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis in 2008. Sadly 2009 saw me with no choice but to leave a job I loved and stop full time work.

Since then I’ve had the unique pleasure of helping my eldest establish herself as a professional writer, learning about website creation, plot development and manuscript editing. I am so very proud to have been involved at a grass roots level.

This year, in a moment of pure awesome, my aforementioned remarkable wife purchased an old 4.5 meter centre console as a joint birthday present for myself(3#) and the eldest(18). Some may say she’s not much of a looker (the boat – not my beautiful wife) but to me she’s perfect (all three of them). The culmination of a lifelong ambition.

With the Seven Fishes blog, I hope to share the trials and tribulations we face on our mission to bag some of the fish species I’ve dreamt of for years. Welcome aboard, hints and tips appreciated. Oh and remember, that’s not a duck it’s a… PELICAN!!!!!



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