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2013…. What?

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Gone Fishing
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sunrise coral seaWell, where did a whole year go? Insert comments about creeks and paddles here…
2013 brings new hope a new boat a new plan and a leaner meaner Ordinary Angler.
It really is a time for change, Hopefully better and with more fish.
I will try to keep this up to date.


Penn Power StickWhere did all my time go, No idea. So much going on, some good some bad. We’ve managed some good fishing time, with trips into Keppel Bay, up Cooraman Creek and even a wet and windy day at Port Alma. With some bad news that as well as the D.I.S.H. I’ve also been diagnosed with Lumbar and Thoracic Osteoarthritis. Which means I’ve been declared officially disabled and that’s been difficult to accept both as an active man and as a financial situation. Down but not out, so to speak. I’m stepping up my website designing to try to earn some extra dollars. I’m also going to move this SevenFishes blog to a personal domain and will be launching the Ordinary Angler concept in the coming months.

The blank fishing shirts arrived this week and we’ve been putting the design together for a couple of days, the first photo’s will be ready to go up tomorrow I hope, I’m very happy with the results. It’s always great when a hair-brained idea comes together.

We attended the Rockhampton Home Show last month, had a great day came away with a new 10kg Shimano Boat Rod for C.K. and almost $50.00 worth of free gear including Soft Plastics, Jig Heads and apparel, not to mention some really great tips and advise from the experts.

Father’s Day rolled around again and landed me with a brand new Tangle Free Landing Net from  BarraJacks in Rockhampton with love from C.K. and a moving book from my youngest Monika.

This week also marks my truly amazing Wife’s Birthday, hope you have a great day Debs and I thank GW every minute of every day for bringing you to me. You make my Life so much better in so many ways, and cookies!

Out ‘n About on Central Queensalnd’s Capricorn Coast.

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For MankindYes, A fishing widow appears. Weather reports says there is a 5/10 knt window on Saturday afternoon. This is only the second such weekend lull in around 8 weeks, the first was a fortnight back and we all had the flu. Preparing for a mad dash down to the coast, esky, rods, boat, gear, fuel… what an I forgetting? Toothbrush… no got that, ocean lures, trace… all here, god what am I forgetting? Oh well, the paper says Spainards, Trout(coral), Cod and Nanigai all present in the bay but the light westerlies may slow them down.

Still sure I’ve missed somthing, hmm. Pick up the side kick from uni at 4pm, have to stop and grab some soft plastics to try, so I’ll have to get going in about 20 mins max. Check the air in the trailer tyres top up the tanks. What the F@#K am I missing? Sunscreen, got it. Dog and Cat food out, done. This weeks Gouda is stashed in the cheese cave, washing is done. Nope no idea, hate that.

Well I’m all set to head out, spend a few nights with my Mum while Dad’s away, I’ll be have cheese and wine overlooking the Islands in a couple of hours, can’t say I’m sad about that. We’ve had a couple of hard weeks and the missus needs a break….THE MISSUS.. AWWWWW SHIIIIIIIII…………

Right I have to go NOW………….


Thursday, forecast for the weekend, not good. So, what to do? In a vague search for inspiration I decide to sort through some of the old tackle we fisherfolk invariably keep stashed about the house.

It was during this seemingly futile search, as is often the case, I stumbled upon a plastic and cardboard Time Machine. Three and a half inches of the past.
My Grandfather passed several years ago now, he’d live a full life, a grazier, a bushman, a sailor and an angler. Proud and aloof, a patriarchal figure for a growing boy and a young man to look up to.

Finnish Minnow

Even in my earliest angling memories, he is there, obscure, half recalled but there. Now in a bag of old tackle, at the back of the wardrobe I find some of his gear my mother had saved for me. At the time it was too much, and I’d put it aside for a later date. I guess, eventually, I forgot all about it. Until now…

An Original Rapala Wobbler, The “Original Finnish Minnow”

Minnows Unboxed

Now I’m not sure how old this is, in fact it’s probably not anything special. But it’s wood and ‘individually tested’. I’ve not seen anything like it.

My Grandfather’s Rapala still in the cardboard box. Made in Finland, with the instruction sheet and all. So many images of the old guy flash through my mind as I look at this thing.

Should I keep it, as a memento, a reminder of the man who never got use it? Or do I take it out and bag some fish as a tribute? I’m not sure what I’d even target with it.

Grandfather's Rapala

Well, this week I’ve only had time for a quick jaunt down to the Rosslyn Bay Marina at Yeppoon for a few throws around the moorings. Again no fish, this is a disturbing trend and I don’t like it, perhaps the fish are camera shy. I heard an unconfirmed rumour that the pro’s are putting nets right across the mouth of the Narrows and wiping out all the blue salmon coming through the entire system. They wonder why people sneak down there are cut their nets…. duh.

On a brighter note I’ve made some good progress on the AnglerGang website, Monstar visual design wp experiment and polished  writers community site.

Anyway here are the best of the pictures taken on this latest outing.

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Often find myself thinking how pretty the rivers and streams I see on fishing shows and documentaries look. Indeed I regularly make disparaging remarks about our local river in relation to the sheer spectacle of all these pristine waterways. The ‘poor’ old Fitzroy River, we drive our cars across his bridges daily, traverse his muddy banks endlessly, all without giving him a second thought. Dismissed as ugly and inconsequential, he meanders on around us.

Until, on a fishing trip with C. K., I decided to take a closer look, from another angle so to speak. ‘Poor’ old Fitzroy, you sly dog…

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Windy Week

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Gone Fishing
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sunrise coral seaWell June goes out with a blow, these chill southerly gusts blast through my house and makes my bones ache. I’m guessing the cold has finally shut the Barra and Muddies down. Hopefully, if the damned wind ever stops, the Bream, Grunter(javelin fish) and Blue Salmon will pick up in the river. I’m not sure what happens in winter out on the bay, but I heard the Squid come on out around the islands. mmmm calamari!

The car, boat and trailer registration bills are all coming in together, of course, which will put a damper on our activities for the next few weeks, although a river trip or two should still be on the cards.The up side of this downtime has to be the chance to service all our reels, rods and gear.

Another plus is I have some time to research techniques for the target species and share my findings here on the blog. Other news I learned the Slim Beauty knot, although mine isn’t all that slim nor particularly pleasing to the eye. In fact it brings to mind an image of Rex Hunt in a tutu ….. sorry Rex.

No fish, nice pics.

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Gone Fishing
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heading out
On the bay
just cruisin
Smooth water

metal lureMack’s in the bay, they say….

20/25kts in the morning light 5/10 or less in the afternoon, they say…

Well poppycock I say, balderdash…..
A wiser person than me (Patrick Young) once said.

‘  The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.’

After hearing the weather report we decided to postpone our trip until Saturday afternoon, who wants to go boating in a 25knot wind after all? Trouble is, being so keen to get on the water I woke at 4 am anyway. Deciding to take a look out the window I rose from my nice warm wife… err bed into the 4 degree air and peered, bleary eyed, at the ocean. Only to find there was not a hint of a breeze, at which point I said to myself ‘Well better to be safe than sorry, but if that weather man got it wrong, so help me…’ and went back to my nice but no longer warm bed. Another sojourn at 7 am yielded the same response, with the addition of grumbles from my nice warm wife upon my return.

After breakfast the wind was still elsewhere and my eager crew beginning to make noise about a mutiny if we didn’t head out soon. I called enough, enough and the bureau something I’d rather not repeat in public and we went fishing.

Most of you probably know what happens next in these situations… Inevitably the wind picked up the moment we left the harbour, midday the very time of day they said it would die off! Luckily it only blew 10/15knots for 30 minutes or so, on the way out. Eventually we made our way around the back of Great Keppel Island and trolled about for some of the pelagic’s the helpful tackle store guy said were everywhere…..

You saw this coming as well didn’t you… Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Not even a single blip on the sounder. Four and a half hours later, we headed for home – empty handed. Again. As for the wet pants, well… let me just say ’emergency’ loo stop, pristine white beach, stalled 40veto and a freak wave… nuff’said m’kay.

This weekend

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Gone Fishing

Looking good for an island trip super early on Saturday.  I picked up a Laser Pro and a Mackerel Mauler to add to the collection. Tackle shop guy says there are heaps of mack’s in the bay, Spanish and Spotties.

So I guess we’ll target them and if they don’t show we’ll have a go at some Coral Trout.