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For MankindYes, A fishing widow appears. Weather reports says there is a 5/10 knt window on Saturday afternoon. This is only the second such weekend lull in around 8 weeks, the first was a fortnight back and we all had the flu. Preparing for a mad dash down to the coast, esky, rods, boat, gear, fuel… what an I forgetting? Toothbrush… no got that, ocean lures, trace… all here, god what am I forgetting? Oh well, the paper says Spainards, Trout(coral), Cod and Nanigai all present in the bay but the light westerlies may slow them down.

Still sure I’ve missed somthing, hmm. Pick up the side kick from uni at 4pm, have to stop and grab some soft plastics to try, so I’ll have to get going in about 20 mins max. Check the air in the trailer tyres top up the tanks. What the F@#K am I missing? Sunscreen, got it. Dog and Cat food out, done. This weeks Gouda is stashed in the cheese cave, washing is done. Nope no idea, hate that.

Well I’m all set to head out, spend a few nights with my Mum while Dad’s away, I’ll be have cheese and wine overlooking the Islands in a couple of hours, can’t say I’m sad about that. We’ve had a couple of hard weeks and the missus needs a break….THE MISSUS.. AWWWWW SHIIIIIIIII…………

Right I have to go NOW………….



metal lureTrolling ~ Not Just For The Interwebs.
Back on the 6th July I posted about Trolling Techniques for Spanish Mackerel and linked to an in-depth(pun intended) guide on the Fishing Townsville site. Now I’m happy to announce the second part. These pearls of piscatorial wisdom cover issues from:

Macks don’t have eyelids so they generally go deep during the brightest times of the day


…steer clear of straight mono, heat-bonded wire and multi-strand wire, I exclusively use single strand copper coloured wire. Mono works very well but you will lose lures/baits. I feel sorry for any Mack that has to swim with a lure sticking from its gob…

Spanish Mackerel
To tips on wire tying, trolling speed for lures and baits and even the best time of day. To a rank amateur like myself these are the little things that make the difference between getting fish and going home with wet pants and an empty cooler.

Also this valuable insight:

One word of caution, never use bright swivels or anything silver on your terminal tackle, always use black swivels or your lure/bait loss will be much higher. The flash of swivels definitely attracts macks and often Macks are found in numbers, competing for food…and your bright flashy swivel. Check your lure/bait after every hit, obviously you’ll require a new bait each time but you may require new wire. If in doubt, change it.

Trolling for Spanish Mackerel Part 2 Check it out, you know you want to.

Oh, and you HAVE to see this CRAZY Kiwi jump out of a HELICOPTER!!

Just found this most educational series of posts over on Fishing Townsville.

As Spaniards are one of the top target species on our list, I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this thread. We may even stumble across that purest of fishing treasure ~ accurate useful information. What’s more Townsville is only 8 hours up the road so it’s practically the same bunch of fish ~ or should I say ‘school’ yes school is what fish come in and where we learn stuff ~ the same School of Fish(ing)/Thought.

There is a lot of debate about techniques on trolling for Macks; understandably this can be confusing for people new to trolling for this prime sportfish. Should you troll dead baits or lures? What speeds? How many baits/lures? Where should you start trolling? Should you use wire or mono? What type of wire? What length of wire? What rigs? What colour lures? What depths should you troll? The aim of this article is to demystify trolling techniques and explain techniques that work.

Firstly, each person you ask about trolling for Macks will give you their preferred technique, usually this is the first technique that yielded results for them, and they’ve stuck with it since. Some people seem to shroud their Macks techniques in mystery making it appear to be much more difficult than it actually is. ~ Nicko

Hit the link, it is well worth a read if you are into your Trolling for Spanish Mackerel(Part 1 of 4) even half as much as I am.