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Just found this most educational series of posts over on Fishing Townsville.

As Spaniards are one of the top target species on our list, I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this thread. We may even stumble across that purest of fishing treasure ~ accurate useful information. What’s more Townsville is only 8 hours up the road so it’s practically the same bunch of fish ~ or should I say ‘school’ yes school is what fish come in and where we learn stuff ~ the same School of Fish(ing)/Thought.

There is a lot of debate about techniques on trolling for Macks; understandably this can be confusing for people new to trolling for this prime sportfish. Should you troll dead baits or lures? What speeds? How many baits/lures? Where should you start trolling? Should you use wire or mono? What type of wire? What length of wire? What rigs? What colour lures? What depths should you troll? The aim of this article is to demystify trolling techniques and explain techniques that work.

Firstly, each person you ask about trolling for Macks will give you their preferred technique, usually this is the first technique that yielded results for them, and they’ve stuck with it since. Some people seem to shroud their Macks techniques in mystery making it appear to be much more difficult than it actually is. ~ Nicko

Hit the link, it is well worth a read if you are into your Trolling for Spanish Mackerel(Part 1 of 4) even half as much as I am.