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metal lureTrolling ~ Not Just For The Interwebs.
Back on the 6th July I posted about Trolling Techniques for Spanish Mackerel and linked to an in-depth(pun intended) guide on the Fishing Townsville site. Now I’m happy to announce the second part. These pearls of piscatorial wisdom cover issues from:

Macks don’t have eyelids so they generally go deep during the brightest times of the day


…steer clear of straight mono, heat-bonded wire and multi-strand wire, I exclusively use single strand copper coloured wire. Mono works very well but you will lose lures/baits. I feel sorry for any Mack that has to swim with a lure sticking from its gob…

Spanish Mackerel
To tips on wire tying, trolling speed for lures and baits and even the best time of day. To a rank amateur like myself these are the little things that make the difference between getting fish and going home with wet pants and an empty cooler.

Also this valuable insight:

One word of caution, never use bright swivels or anything silver on your terminal tackle, always use black swivels or your lure/bait loss will be much higher. The flash of swivels definitely attracts macks and often Macks are found in numbers, competing for food…and your bright flashy swivel. Check your lure/bait after every hit, obviously you’ll require a new bait each time but you may require new wire. If in doubt, change it.

Trolling for Spanish Mackerel Part 2 Check it out, you know you want to.

Oh, and you HAVE to see this CRAZY Kiwi jump out of a HELICOPTER!!